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Welcome to Twin Flame Counselling and Wellness.  

A twin flame is an intense soul connection with someone thought to be a person’s other half, sometimes called a “mirror soul.”  It’s based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies.


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A good therapist inspires your confidence, leaving you feeling hopeful about the work that you’re doing. 
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NIHB Regina Counselling

Extremely friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth people, would recommend these folks above all others any day of the week!


From working through past trauma to current life struggles, Jeanine has been an amazing support system in helping me navigate through life and teaching me how to deal with my anxiety and stress.


My son recently started seeing Jeanine and I've seen a drastic improvement in his demeanor and self regulation already.


Providers through the following insurances:
Sun Life, Victim Services, GMS, Green Shield, Johnson Group, Blue Cross, Saskatchewan Blue Cross, Medavie, Canada Life, Co-operaters, Global Benefits, Desjarlais, CINUP, Manulife,  (NIHB) Non-Insured Health Benefits, RPS, Provider Connect, Nexgen RX

NIHB Regina Counselling


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