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We come from a place of understanding because of our lived experiences. We have lived experiences regarding challenges a couple may face in their relationship, challenges that come with blending a family and having children with diverse needs, including behavioural and cognitive needs.  We have had addiction in our own lives, as well as trauma, anxiety and self-destruction.  Mental health and trauma are complex; we think outside of the box and work with each client on their individual needs and goals that they want to achieve.

You need to be able to inspire yourself, look into the future, and see your goal before it happens.  Can you imagine living a life when you are confident, have no more panic attacks, no more depression and the feeling of being scared?  It is not impossible, and it takes a lot of hard work.  However, with the right support in your life, it is achievable. Self-doubt holds us back, and we will help you discover yourself. 
NIHB Regina Counselling
We can help you connect to additional resources and support regarding housing, financial assistance, education, and referrals to additional mental health practitioners.  It takes a community to support us, and we are happy to advocate for your needs.
NIHB Regina Counselling

Jeanine Hackl, BISW, RSW

I have been providing counselling to individuals and families since March 2022, however, have been working supporting and assisting individuals since 2010 as a human services worker.

I have a Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work from the First Nations University of Canada. I also hold certificates in Reiki Energy Healing, Applied Suicide Intervention Training, Violence Risk Assessments, addictions, harm reduction, and additional mental health and trauma training.

I also have experience and a strong commitment to serving youth and adults to overcome challenges and support them with resources and services. I understand that trauma impacts aspects of individuals which can lead to addiction, abuse, poverty, and mental health.

I look forward to working together and building a trusting and safe relationship where we will work on strategies that allow you to address the root causes of your difficulties and build meaningful social connections.

Through my education, work experience and working with First Nations cultures, values, and philosophies to work effectively in all settings.  It is important to enhance the strengths of First Nations individuals, families, groups, and communities, supporting self-determination.  I understand how the effects of colonization and resident schools have a profound impact on First Nation people.

Treaty & Inuit status individuals are eligible for Non-Insured Health Benefits and billing is charged directly so clients are not responsible for payments, as well as any individual who is working with Victim Services and seeking out counselling.

I am an approved provider for Non-Insured Health Benefits, Victim Services, and many insurance providers.  I have experience with trauma, grief & loss, abuse, domestic violence, mental illnesses, anxiety, and addiction.

Ian Moreside, RPC-C

NIHB Regina Counselling

“I… need… help…”  can be three of the hardest words to say, and it’s no secret that life throws a seemingly endless supply of challenges at us until we are so overwhelmed that, before we know it, we endure hardships navigating our relationship with ourselves and those that we care for and love.

I am a partner, and also am a father to six children, ranging from 13 to 23 years old.  Through a combination of formal education in counselling and my life experiences developing my own mental fitness, I bring a genuine understanding to the difficulties that come with relationships, parenting, moving past traumatic events, and how it can feel impossible to make the changes needed for improvement.

I hold a Diploma of Applied Psychology and Counselling from Kelowna College of Professional Counselling and I am registered with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association as an RPC-C.

I use evidence-based modalities and services with proven psychological theories and techniques in a safe and confidential environment, to support you the best I can. Additionally, I work with other healthcare professionals and community resources to network services tailored to your individual or family needs. I look forward to hearing from you and working collaboratively to empower you to take action and control of your life.          

NIHB Regina Counselling

Britt Chartrand BISW, CRS, RSW

I am a Chippewa Michif registered therapist from Red River and reconnecting to Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indian Band. I work from a two-eyed seeing model that promotes culturally advantageous care and support to my clients as they navigate their healing journeys.

I support those who struggle with navigating stress, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, grief, loss, trauma, and the effects of colonization. I provide services through talk and music therapy, humour, and an empathetic approach that connects well with mindfulness and somatic therapy techniques that allow us to find safety in our environments.

I am an NIHB provider, and offer sliding scale options for those who are experiencing financial barriers to attend therapy. I encourage you to reach out and connect as you have taken the first giant step to gaining support.

Steve Hancock, RSW

NIHB Regina Counselling

Steven came into counseling and social work with a deep history of lived experience. With that lived experience comes a natural ability to empathize with his many clients that may be struggling with mental health issues, substance use, survivors of domestic violence, criminal and gang involvement, high risk behaviors and esteem issues.

Steven has worked in kitchens, construction, the oil and gas industry. This past work history gives Steven an advantage to understanding the issues that affect us daily. Sometimes it’s not about finding someone to fix our problems but about finding someone that understands that we have problems. As Steven left the oil and gas industry to further his education with a diploma in Addiction Studies and a Bachelor of Social Work, he recognizes the importance of personal development and how to overcome complex issues while trying to maintain work, family, friends and recreation.

Steven has been employed in both the Alberta and Saskatchewan health authorities working in the Emergency Department, Secured youth detox, the Rapid Access to Addiction Medicine clinic, Safe works safe consumption site and as of recently working with high risk and high acuity youth at an emergency shelter. Steven believes in making therapy a cooperative process by reducing any misconceptions that counseling is a one sided conversation.

If you or someone you know thinks they could use someone to help them find growth, awareness and acceptance please call

NIHB Regina Counselling

It’s important to find a therapist that’s a good fit. Let’s chat!

A good therapist inspires your confidence, leaving you feeling hopeful about the work that you’re doing.

Let’s have a meet & greet to discuss if our services and methodologies can help you in your work.

Twin Flame Counselling
And Wellness

Twin Flame Counselling and Wellness strives provide resources and services that meet the needs of many different clients.  From ADHD and anxiety to trauma and harm reduction, Twin Flame Counselling and Wellness looks forward to working together to build a safe & trusting relationship with you.

NIHB Regina Counselling

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